Do you need to find out what your brand’s reputation is on the internet in France or abroad?

ABW can analyse your e-reputation!

What are they saying about your company and the services it offers on the internet?

Every company will one day ask the question: “What are they saying about me on the internet?”

In a time of social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) forums and opinion sharing sites, the internet carries the most influence for creating trust or distrust in a company or brand. The first thing a user who wants to buy from an e-merchant or who wants to make contact with a company does is to find out what is being said about the company on the internet via search engines. Negative opinions and a lack of presence in the first few pages of results on Google do not make the user trust a company and can lead them to turn to another company.

How do you find out what is being said:

We enter your brand name and link it to relevant keywords in search engines. We then study the first few pages of Google that users would consult to find out who you are.
Then, page after page, site after site, we carefully analyse what is being said about you: blogs, forums, review sites, comments, press articles. This audit gives us a general trend on the e-reputation of your company.

ABW’s solutions for your e-reputation:

Once this audit has been completed, we put in place actions to improve your reputation. Depending on what we have found out, we do two things:

1) Take action against the source of this reputation, in particular:

  • By removing defamatory messages that appear in the first few pages of results on Google;
  • By drafting a right of reply etc.

2 ) Developing your brand/company’s reputation on the internet.There are different ways of doing this:

  • Creation or translation of content optimised for SEO (link to SEO);
  • Creation of a blog with regular posts;
  • Inclusion in directories;
  • Making contact with influential bloggers to swap links or create sponsored links;
  • Use of social networks, creation and use of a Facebook page and Twitter account


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