Website Translation

The development of new technologies has completely changed the world of communication. The IT and new technology sectors are constantly changing (companies use new tools and new software resulting in new working methods and new requirements). We have adapted to these changes in order to meet the new requirements of our clients who are increasingly requesting website translations.

The Internet: “THE” number one communication method

Communication has become vital to a company’s survival and to make them known on a global, multilingual level. A company’s website has become a real “shop window.” For exploring new overseas markets, it has become vital to have a website in the language of potential clients. But it’s the translation quality that will make all the difference overseas!

We therefore offer the following services: the translation of websites, software, content etc.

> Sites under construction (our translators can translate your website into editable documents in formats such as .doc, .txt or .rtf. Your webmaster can then upload the translated copy.)

> Dynamic sites (our translators can also translate from mark up files in formats such as .html or .xml).

> Content management (our translators can enter the translated copy directly into your system if you have a content management interface for your site).

Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01 80 87 55 70 for more information about these services!

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