A conference, minutes of a meeting or audio recording: transcription allows you to keep track of conversations with your clients or colleagues along with your own thoughts.

ABW offers a transcription service to suit your requirements.

The written word lives on:

Whether sharing information within your company, validating a project discussed with your client or reporting on the proceedings of a conference, a written transcription of the spoken word is paramount: it is the only way to keep a record. The aim is to be able to consult these written records at any time after the event.
By trusting ABW with this task, you are guaranteed a quick and high quality transcription.

A bespoke transcription:

Going beyond a simple word for word transcription – known as a full report – ABW also offers other transcription services and additional services for making the most of your content:

* edited minutes: all comments are collated and edited, deleting:

  • repetitions,
  • errors in syntax,
  • hesitations…

* standard summary: key ideas are retained and the document is edited into indirect speech;

* short summary: key points are retained in list form for example;

* translation: once a transcription has been produced, the documents can then be translated into the language of your choice

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